Watch Crown Replacement

Replacement Watch Crown Although watch crowns are fairly strong, they are not unbreakable. As watch crowns are exposed on the watch case, they can become worn or even break if knocked against hard surfaces. This in turn can also break the watch’s stem.
A damaged crown and/or stem can also lead to damage of the movement through winding or by allowing water to penetrate the watch case.

A new stem and crown will restore your watch’s appearance, prevent the delicate watch movement from being damaged and will ensure the appropriate level of water resistance.
We will use official stock items to ensure your watch’s appearance is retained, the watch remains water tight and continues to perform to factory specifications.

Whether a new stem, crown or both are required, our expert watchmakers are at hand. They will take the following steps to ensure your watch’s appearance and function is fully restored.

  • Open the watch case and dismantle the crown and stem from the movement24Pounds
  • Replace the stem and/or crown with official parts
  • Replace the watch movement back into the case
  • Place the watch on the timing machine to ensure accurate timekeeping is maintained
  • Pressure test to ensure water resistance, if appropriate


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