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Ebel 1911 Refurb

Just received my watch back from having a new battery put in, re-sealed and pressure tested. Also, as it was 13 years old, I went for the full refurbishment process.
Result: I have a new watch!
Any scratches have disappeared, it gleams like new. Very pleased with the result.
First class job. Thank you.

T Thompson

Fantastic service

Despite my nervousness about sending my precious Tag Heuer in the post to a company that I found online, I have to say that the service was fantastic. Buoyed by the positive reviews on this site I sent an email to WRUK and received an immediate response. This excellent level of communication was maintained thoughout the process. The watch was returned within a week of me sending it in for a new battery and polish - despite the fact that this was over the holiday period. Very good service indeed and highly recommended.



As others have pointed out , i was apprehensive regarding sending my 10 year old Tag Carrera to a repair specialist on the internet based upon reviews from this site
My watch was not in great condition having a pusher missing , bezel damaged and hundreds of surface scratches on both case and bracelet
I requested a fully service and refurbishment (approx. half price that my local jeweller quoted)
My watch arrived back with me today

To summarise all i can say is its indistinguishable from New
Mark was great to deal with and i would highly recommend "watchrepairuk" to anyone


Wow..what a service!!

Not 1 for writing reviews normally but as i was as nervous/worried of sending off my tag heuer f1 as all the other reviews on here I thought IDE leave 1 as a recommendation of using watchrepairuk for your watch needs. After being quoted by tag heuer £385 for a replacement battery and replacent bezel I thought IDE contact this company and within hours IDE had a message and quote off mark the master watchmaker.he explained all work needed and breakdown of price...less then half the price of tag and I've now had the watch back within a week!!!
So....don't worry or panic about sending off your watch to these guys.i took a gamble and I'm glad I did as I now have my tag back on my wrist.
Expect more work guys as I've now recommended you to 3 of my friends and neighbours already!!!



If you are in any doubt at all about this company Watch Repair UK..PLEASE PLEASE read the reviews on them and Mark,what a gentleman.I contacted Mark who is the head watchmaker from WRUK and from the start to finish he keep me informed from the minute he received my beloved watch to the minute i received my watch back on how the repair/service and full refurbishment of case and bracelet of my Tag Heuer CV2014 Was going.Like others on other reviews i was very apprehensive about sending a watch worth 3 and a half K,but after Tag quoting me 450pounds to service it and a polish which would take 6 weeks plus.I decide to send it to WRUK for a full refurbishment and service as the day and date had stopped but everything else worked.WELL all i can say is how glad i was i sent it to Mark from WRUK,The Watch is like NEW ,just like the day i bought it and as the service , 5stars and a years guarantee into the bargain and only took 12 working days for the whole process.!!!! I can't stop looking at the watch on how good it looks,A couple of pounds well spent..PLEASE PLEASE GIVE WRUK AGO...........Mark is Superb........


Second Time Using – Outstanding

This is the second time I have sent my watch to this company. Originally I sent my wife's Breitling for a battery repair and a reseal, this came back within a week and was a third of the price she usually pays at Breitling. Last week I sent my Tag Aquaracer for a full service as this was losing time. I cannot recommend enough, the watch came back looking like a new watch! Really thank you very much for providing such an excellent service which is becoming rarer these days.


Quick and Honest

Not only was the watch repair (Tag Heuer clasp) carried out quickly, but he determined that only the clasp needed to be changed and not the whole strap (as he had quoted for) which he honestly advised me; saving me £70.


Great Service

Excellent service fantastic communication would highly recommend.


Delighted…….absolutely excellent service & price!

I have just used this company for the first time when the battery in my Tag Heuer watch needed replacing & I have been absolutely delighted with the service I have received & the highly competitive pricing.
Mark, The Head Watchmaker, kindly emailed me to let me know the watch had arrived safely with him & also when the work was complete & the watch was to be posted back to me. After just 5 days the watch was returned to me, carefully boxed & packaged, new battery installed & nicely cleaned.
I will most definitely be using this company again for battery replacements/repairs & will be recommending them to all my family & friends.
A really impressive service, so pleased I decided to use Watch Repair UK.
Thank you Mark!


Most accurate it has ever been

From new my Tag Heuer Aquaracer automatic gained about 7-8 seconds per day according to the pips on the BBC. I thought this was acceptable as it is after all a mechanical watch. After full servicing at WRUK it now gives accuracy of better than 1 second per day. In addition the clasp has been tightened and now snicks into place nicely, a small 'war wound' has been addressed, and the casing has had a good polish. I could not be more pleased.


Great fast service

Needed my wife's Tag watch battery replacing quickly before we went on holiday.
From the time I sent the watch recorded delivery to the time I received it back, complete with a new battery and a case polish, was less than a week.
Have previously used high street shops and had to wait 6 weeks.
Price was very competitive and communication from Mark exceptional.
I would highly recommend this company and service.


Tag Monaco service and crown repair

Having come to a dead end trying to get my watch repaired locally (Northern Ireland does not seem to have any watchmakers anymore) I came across Marks website and all the reviews I found here. My questions were answered swiftly and then I nervously posted off my watch, need not have worried as I got a email confirming its arrival the next day.

I knew he was busy and was not hopeful of getting it back before Christmas as the chronograph does not seem to be the easiest watch to work on. I got a email on Monday letting me know it was good to go and it's back on my wrist by Wednesday gleaming and minus the scuffs on the plexi glass that I was not expecting to be removed.

I could not be happier having experienced Tag direct service before were I send my watch of and a month later they send a additional work list that means it's normally cheaper to buy a new one and then 4 weeks later( if your lucky) you get your watch back I cannot rate watchrepairuk highly enough.

I will definitely recommend Mark to friends and family and I know we're I will be going in the future!


Tag watch crown replacement and redurb

I discovered Watchrepairuk on the Internet and checked the reviews and although apprehensive sending an £1800 watch to a company that I did not know, I can not praise this company enough and would encourage anyone that has any doubts about this company to trust the reviews that have been posted and have 100% faith that your item will be safe and repaired to a fantastic standard. Marks communication was faultless and the watch looks like new at probably half the price you would pay if you took it to a jewellers for repair. I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending Watchrepairuk and if the occasion arises I would deffinately use them again. Once again thank you Mark for your fantastic service.


Great value, fast turnaround…will use again

Not much to say...sent my Breitling off (needed a new battery) and had it back all working within a week. Emails sent throughout for peace of mind and great value. Will definitely use again.



Originally I took my Tag to a local jewellers for a replacement battery, which they forwarded on to Tag Heuer. After 6 weeks I was notified that is would cost a staggering £245 as they claimed it needed the crown replacing. After reading reviews regarding Tag Heuer Repair and the fact that I knew my watch isn't that old I declined to have this work carried out.

After a web search I decided to send my watch to Watch Repair UK who quoted me a price of £45 for a replacement battery.
Mark kept me fully informed of the process, when watch was received, work completed and less than one week later my Tag arrived looking like a shiny new watch.

An excellent service from an honest company and one which I can highly recommend to friends and others.


1997 TAG Heuer 2000 WK112

Bought this TAG in Hong Kong the day before the change over to Chinese rule! it has had daily use and had picked up some scratches over 17 years. The battery needed changing and Mark offered a refurb at a very good price, the watch was returned looking almost new with anew battery, pressure tested, cleaned and polished, really very impressed with the work and the price charged. Will definitely be using this service whenever any watches need attention.


Expectations exceeded

Not sure how old my ladies Tag is - bought it around 20 years ago and have worn it constantly since. Used to put it into local jewellers for battery replacement and also for repair when I managed to break the crown off. Yes, it was my own fault but after years of doing this easily, it became extremely difficult so I forced it with unfortunate consequences. I had it repaired so expected it to work easily but was shocked when, at the last clock change, crown was more unmanageable than before. Anyway, they wanted whole lot more to repair it this time - a rise of 40% after just over 6 months. When I contacted WRUK & got a reply from Mark, I couldn't even tell him which model my watch was but he figured it out from the model number engraved on the back and pointed out that it probably needed a full service after all that time. Seems obvious but my usual jeweller had never suggested it! Was given a price and sent it off to be informed that I needed an additional repair (bezel spring) but I was advised of this before work was started; gave the go ahead for this, a replacement crown and full service. I declined the offer of a polish as all this work was a little pricey (but not over the going rate). On receiving my watch, I was delighted that it is working perfectly and I can easily adjust the date/time. It also looks very shiny and clean so suspect it did get a bit of a polish. Was delighted work carried out within estimated time, Mark was happy to answer all my questions and informed me when my watch had been received. Was returned well packaged and had to be signed for. Saw earlier review about "luming" and agree this would be a good additional service.Will be happy to use again & recommend to others.


Great Fast Service

I found Watch Repair UK provided me a very fast email response to my initial enquiry and updates all the way through to confirming my watch was due to be returned by Special Delivery. I sent my watch for a new battery and re-seal on Thursday and had it back on Tuesday clean and shiny - Great!

The battery is guaranteed for 2 years which is better than anything else I had been offered.

I was a bit unsure about sending my watch off for repair rather than going to the High Street but I am glad I did.

I would recommend Watch Repair UK to anyone and I will use this company again.


Top Class Service

I can only reiterate what others have said before that this really is a first rate, reliable, value for money and trustworthy service that is provided by Mark and Watch Repair UK. The whole process is seamless and takes very little effort. Like others I was concerned at sending my TAG away but these fears were dispelled by being kept informed at each stage of the process. I am now reunited with my watch, delighted with the outcome and have no excuses for being late for appointments.


Fantastic Personal Service

These guys provided some of the best service I have every had online and I've used a fe companies in my time. I sent an email and got a reply within 15 minutes! I was happy with the price and sent my Omega off for a battery replacement and was happy to receive an email confirming they had received it! I was even more impressed with how the watch came back, it looked like new and I'd only paid for a watch battery replacement! Thank you and I will be recommending you to my friends and family.


Omega Seamaster service

What a great Company to deal with. I opted for the refurbishment service and was amazed at how my 14 year old Omega came back - it looked like a new watch again!
My watch was returned beautifully packaged within the time specified.
I will definitely use Watch Repair UK again.


Omega Seamaster Refurbishment

These guys are superb! I found them online and they gave me the best service, the fastest turnaround and best price.

I sent my Omega seasmaster off for a refurbishment as it was quite battered and scratched over time. At first I was wary about sending my prize watch off to a company via post I had not dealt with before or knew much about but I hadnt needed to be. I dealt with Mark who through my barage of questions to him was brilliant. He knew exactly what he was talking about and at all times was helpful and professional. He put my mind completley at rest and gave me a great service from start to finish.

I would 100% reccomend Watchrepair UK and will be using them myself again.

Finally needless to say my watch itself came back in almost new condition its amazing! Very Very happy


TAG Heuer Kirium F1

I was very nervous sending my TAG off in the post, but the service I have received has been excellent!
Mark kept me informed and confirmed that my watch had arrived, and the returned watch is stunning.
A full service and refurb at the fraction of the price quoted by the shop I originally bought the watch from 8 yrs ago.

I will definitely use Watch Repair UK again and would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family.

Top job Mark!


Longish turnaround (>1 month) but well worth it

I initially wanted to send my watch (TAG Link chrono) in for service, battery replacement and clean in April 2014 and that's when I initially spoke to Mark @ WRUK. I was offered a pretty good deal (half price cleaning) which was valid for April only. Due to personal stuff I was unable to send the watch in April and had to wait until October but, to my surprise, Mark still upheld the April discount! So far so excellent. Comms were overall very good, I was kept up to date, although I was informed half-way through the work that I would need to fork out near on £80 for additional part (pusher). In those situations I tend to get a little skittish as it feels like I'm over the barrel. Still, I had to pay only 50% for the cleaning so it all evened out in the end.

Now, for the watch - not in the worst shape but a daily wearer so pretty scuffed with a couple of proper battle scars on the bezel (deep enough for small bugs to make a home in). All of that buffed out pretty much clean, not sure how it is even possible but the face of the watch now looks virtually brand new. Bracelet was another sore spot with some severe wear - again, buffed out dead clean and looks phenomenal. Overall, the watch came back as-near-as-it-makes-no-difference in the same shape it was when first taken out of the box which actually got me a bit emotional.

If I had one suggestion for Mark and WRUK it would be to include re-luming in the price list. Lume on the TAG seems to be all out and I was hoping it could be re-applied on the face / bezel but WRUK do not offer this service at this point. Now, I speak from ignorance here as I do not know how much work this is, how feasible it is to do in the shop etc. but it would be a great addition to the list of services.

Overall very happy with the service, the watch looks like new and it actually works. Thanks very much to WRUK, would definitely recommend them and will use them again.


TAG Heuer Kirium F1

I was very nervous sending my TAG off in the post, but the service I have received has been excellent!
Mark kept me informed and confirmed that my watch had arrived, and the returned watch is stunning.
A full service and refurb at the fraction of the price quoted by the shop I originally bought the watch from 8 yrs ago.

I will definitely use Watch Repair UK again and would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family.

Top job Mark!


1997 TAG Heuer 2000 WK112

I was very nervous sending my TAG off in the post, but the service I have received has been excellent!
Mark kept me informed and confirmed that my watch had arrived, and the returned watch is stunning.
A full service and refurb at the fraction of the price quoted by the shop I originally bought the watch from 8 yrs ago.

I will definitely use Watch Repair UK again and would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family.

Top job Mark!


Great service on battery replacement

Just used Watch Repair UK for a battery replacement on my Tag Heuer watch. Great service with good communications throughout. Watch has come back looking really good. A minor problem with the reset of the stop watch has also been fixed without my asking at no additional cost. Good value too. Will definitely use them again.



When my Tag Heuer watch broke I was rather despairing of some of the quotes I was given for repair. I went to Watch Repair UK as, firstly and most importantly I was offered the best price, but secondly because my emails were answered quickly and personally. There was not much in it between Watch Repair UK and one other repair company but the other company's impersonal manner and time taken to reply made it a no brainer.

My watch has just been returned to me in an absolutely pristine manner. It looks as good as new and I was given a new battery free of charge when my original one ran out during repair. I had actually only asked for a new crown on it so am very impressed that it has come back with the repair done, a new battery and also looks like it has had a bit of a makeover! The repair did not take long and communication was maintained throughout.

Very happy customer.



Great Quality Service

Friendly and Trustworthy!

I paid £44.95 and this was for the following service:

-Replacement Swiss seals and gaskets
-Pressure test to ensure water resistance
-Ultrasonic clean
-2 Year battery guarantee
-Free fully insured shipment back to you
-5 Day turnaround

Found it hard to find a reliable watch repair shop in my local area and WRUK had great reviews online, so i decided to post it to them after reading these reviews. Was very happy with the updates sent from Mark (Head Watchmaker) via email and the additional watch services he offered, the watch was returned this morning, it looks great and works just as it did when new. Will definitely be sending more customers and more watches of my own to WRUK.


Totally a Five Star Service!

Like many, I was slightly wary of sending my TAG off to a previously unknown company, but I need not have worried in the slightest! Watch Repair UK kept me informed at every point during the service, from when the watch arrived to when it was posted back. And boy oh boy did it come back looking like brand new! It was such a pleasure to have my treasured watch back on my wrist within one week (unlike the usual 6-8 weeks from Earnest Jones, and at double the price!). I had a battery change and a light polish (nice to keep her looking at her best!) at a fraction of the cost.

I cannot find the words to express how highly I would recommend this company. THEY ARE FANSASTIC!


Great service with fantastic comms

This was my first time using Watch Repair UK but I will certainly be using them again. A very fast turn around for 2 battery replacements. There was an issue with one of the watches which required a full service but this was completed to a very high standard and at a very competitive price. My watches mean a lot to me so it is vital to send them to a company who I can rely on. So in a nutshell don't have any worries about using Watch Repair. Top quality service, fantastic comms and totally reliable.


Tag bat replacement
After shopping around and reading several reviews opted to have a tag batt replacement with WR Uk. Couldn't be more pleased with the service. Cheapest I could find and came back gleaming!
Really pleased - def use again


I-Gucci XL 44mm 114 Black Digital YA114202‏

Just wanted to say thank you to Mark at watch repair uk, I was very pleased with the service i received from your company. I was so surprised when i got my watch back to see the high standards of work carried out by the company to my watch, my watch was covered in scratches but thanks to this company my watch looks brand new, will use again in the future as the value for money you get is next to nothing thank you (MR GHATI)


Tag Heuer Formula 1 repair
Watch Repair UK were very professional in their approach from my initial contact with them by email asking advice through to me receiving my repaired watch. The watch needed a new Tag rubber strap and I decided to have the middle case replaced as the rubber around the outside was badly worn (after nearly 10 years of constant use as I very rarely take the watch off).
I was kept informed as to the progress of repair, there was some delay as the middle case had to come from Switzerland but that was down to Tag Heuer not Watch Repair UK.
I was really pleased with my watch when it arrived back; it looked good as new! I would definitely use Watch Repair UK again.


Omega watch refurb‏

I had a great service from watch repair uk. always answered emails very quickly and also kept me updated re progress etc.

I am very pleased with the results and the price. Top job and i will be using them on a regular basis.


Outstanding Service‏

Sent my dads Breitling in for a battery and replacement strap. In a nutshell the watch was returned within 5 days looking like new, half the price than I was quoted at Brietling. Super service, Geoff.


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